Puerto Galera : 4 hours Paradise away from Manila


Hi ! Welcome to my first ever travel blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Puerto Galera is just 3-4 hours away from Manila which is really nice and easy to go to when you want to escape from the busy and noisy City.

From Manila we rode a bus bound to Batangas port for about 2-3 hours depends on the traffic . Then from the Batangas Port we rode a ferry boat that is bound to Sabang port.


Picture from Batangas Port.


Inside the boat.


Some picture during the boat trip.


Puerto Galera is known for having a lot of beaches, and it took some research to pick the right beach to stay in. The obvious choices were Sabang and White Beach. Me and my bestfriend Samantha decided to stay in Sabang because of its famous nightlife and said to be not so crowded unlike the famous White Beach.

We stayed in Dahilig Resort which is 5-10 minutes away from the port. The rate for night in this Resort is very affordable. We stayed in a Economy Room for only 750/night. The staff there are very accommodating plus it has nice view of the ocean and boats.

This is the Rooms and the pool .


The beautiful view from the Resort.


Sunset at the resort.


During our first night we planned to just rest after the tiring trip to the island, then go to the nightlife spot at night to experience it.

Before we go to club we decided to eat dinner somewhere near the shore. I forgot which restaurant but it was like inside a resort infront of the shore.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to go inside the clubs alone because to get in we need to have a guy that will accompany us inside so the bouncer will let us in. Some local guys volunteered to accompany us inside and just to return their kindness we just treat them some beers. But we didn’t enjoyed it much because the clubs there has lots of strippers and we think its just for guys who wants to have fun so we just decided to go back to the resort and just rest and prepare for our activities the next day.

These are some pictures inside the club.



Second Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we are finally doing the water activities in the island. We already booked the activities the day we arrived in Puerto Galera and the hotel staff are the one who will arrange the trip for us.

The first boat that we are going to ride.


Our first stop is the island wherein small bangka (boats) await. These small bangka will take us to the under water cave.

-View During the boat trip.


Our second boat (small boat) going to the under water cave.


Underwater Cave




Snorkeling :ย  Coral Garden & Giant Clamps


After this we transfer go back to the small boat port then go into the big boat again to go island hopping.


First Beach





Second Beach



After the Island hopping. We went snorkeling again then ended the trip and go back to the resort to rest and eat lunch.

We planned to go to the White beach for the sunset and dinner. So we napped and prepared to go to the white beach which is 30 mins away from the resort .

White Beach




At night : -Sorry it was too blurry only using video camera for pictures ๐Ÿ˜›



There’s a fire dancing show in the island at night. After watching the show we go back to the resort and rest early because we’re going back to Manila early in the morning.

So thats it, we had a blast and enjoyed our stay in the island. Hope to get back sooonishh!




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