Aqua Park at Taal Volcano Lake



Just 2 hours away from Manila, Aqua Park by Club Balai Isabel is a huge inflatable trampoline park that floats just off the shore of Taal Lake.


If you will see this Aqua Park in actual size which sits on the Taal Lake, you will really get excited or might become a bit hesitant at the same time because of the obstacles that you have to pass through in order to go from one section to another. (unless of course you will cheat and just swim your way hahaha!)




Overall we loved how they placed the park right in front of the Taal Volcano so visitors can enjoy both the park and the lake. You’ll definitely have a blast here with your friends and family under the sun while enjoying the view of the glorious Taal Volcano.


-Taal Volcano ( Second’s most active volcano in the Philippines)

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