My Bucketlist for 2018


So it has been 3 weeks since we welcomed 2018  and said goodbye to 2017. I know this is also abit late but i thought of creating my bucketlist for the year 2018 (I never tried making a bucketlist before! ),  but i thought about this when  someone ask me about it and i have nothing to say because i don’t have one!. So I planned to create this to make it my source of inspiration and motivation to work harder for this year.

For 2018 I have set my sights high on travel and doing things i never done before– maybe a little too high? However, I am a firm believer that when you write something down (like a goal) it’s much more likely to happen. Plus, I love a good list.

 So i came out with this :


  •  Visit at least one other Asian country– I’m choosing over Thailand, Cambodia, Hongkong, Singapore, Vietnam or Macau. I’m always wanting to go to these places hopefully i can visit at least one for this  year.


  •  Learn how to surf –  Who doesn’t like to do this at least once in their life? of course no one ! :).  I’m planning to learn surfing maybe in La Union or hopefully in Siargao.


  • Try Scuba Diving or Free DivingEven I’m kinda scared of the fishes lol I really wanna try this. I wanna experience the what they called “Another Dimension or Another world” when you are underwater.
  • Mountain Hiking – Hopefully i can do this for this year. Its another adventure for me.


  • Beach Camping- I haven’t tried to sleep in a tent by the beach. Hopefully i could try this with my friends it will be fun !.


  • Roadtrip with friendsI hope to do this again with them since it has been 2 years since we did this.


  • Go to Boracay and Palawan– Well, the Boracay trip is very possible I’m just not sure about Palawan but hopefully I can make it possible! I really admire this place especially Coron and El Nido.


  • Save alot of Money – This is really what i need to accomplish all of these 😛


  • Find someone to love – Hopefully its the right one this year ❤


  • Be Happy – 🙂


  • Go to Church more often
  • Gain more friends – Real friends
  • Take my family to a vacation – at a beach or somewhere relaxing.
  • Visit more Beaches and Waterfalls – Because i love them
  • Be healthy – i wanna be more fit and healthy

Okay, okay. My list might be a little too long, but a girl can dream, right?


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