My 2018 Bucket list Update

Welcome 2019 ! It’s another year .. Well, that went fast.

Well last year the same month as I’m writing this blog, I created a bucket list that i wanna achieved for the year 2018. There are some that i was not able to achieve but I wish to achieve it this year (2019).

So these are the things i put in my bucket list for 2018:

  •  Visit at least one other Asian country
  • Learn how to surf 
  • Try Scuba Diving or Free Diving
  • Mountain Hiking
  • Beach Camping
  • Roadtrip with friends
  • Go to Boracay and Palawan
  • Save alot of Money
  • Find someone to love 
  • Be Happy
  • Go to Church more often
  • Gain more friends 
  • Take my family to a vacation
  • Visit more Beaches and Waterfalls
  • Be healthy

Things I’ve achieved:

  • Mountain Hiking – I’ve done my first ever real hike last 2018 when we went to Nagsasa cove where Mt. Balingkilat is there. It was tiring and i had cuts and wounds from being clumsy haha but it was an awesome adventure. Wishing to do more hikes this year. 


  • Beach Camping – Done this first when we went to Agnaem cove in Zambales and many more times after . I love this experience its so nice to listen to the ocean waves and waking up into seeing it. 


  • Go to Boracay and Palawan – I didn’t go to Boracay cause the government closed it for 6 months for renovation. But i did go to Coron, Palawan instead, its a beautiful island even though I wasn’t able to see the main attraction there cause it was storming when we came… but we went into a sandbar and its my first time to see and be in a sand bar. Will definitely come back there also in boracay.


  • Find someone to love – I met mikee ❤ We had our first date in Agnaem cove. He’s nice and sweet. I love him so much .. I hope to have many many more adventures with him in the following year.
  • Be Happy
  • Gain more friends
  • Visit more Beaches and Waterfalls  – I’ve been into many beaches i haven’t seen before also chased many waterfalls… will explore more and chased more places and waterfalls this year.


  • Be healthy – Luckily i didn’t had any serious medical condition. Hopefully will continue being healthy this year.

I can’t believe that i survived another year. 2018 was full of surprises and adventures. With all those positive things I’ve mentioned, of course there are also misfortunes. There are alot of changes in my life. From my bestfriend getting married into me having a bf (Mikee) ❤ . Now that 2018 has slapped me real hard and prepared me to face the actual world. I think I’m ready for you 2019! Cheers to more adventures and achievement for this year !

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