A stay in Henann Resort, Alona Beach


Alona Beach is a small stretch of tropical paradise on Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines. It is quickly becoming one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines because of it’s wonderful white sand beach, beautiful blue waters, world class diving and tours.

Source: http://www.alonabeachguide.com/


As one of the famous resorts in Alone Beach. We are lucky to stay a night in this 5 star paradise.

Henann Resort is Panglao Island’s biggest beach resort at 6.5 hectare featuring 400 world-class accommodations, three swimming pool, a convention center which can hold up to 1000 people, and more. It also has the widest and longest beachfront area along Alona Beach at 125 meters. Sweet!


We stayed in a villa where we have our own pool and it was an amazing stay. We also had a free access to their VIP lounge where you can enjoy free food and any kind of drinks from cocktails to shots from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.






It’s an awesome hotel hopefully I can come back and stay here again and for many nights.

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