Historic Side of Manila


A quick Manila City Daytrip. Went to Rizal Park, Intramuros, Fort Santiago and National Museum of Natural History. Going to these places will take you to an old Manila experience especially going around Intramuros. It felt like travelling back into Spanish Era. You can see the old buildings, murals and additional attractions are the Guardia Civil wearing the same old costume. Kalesa ride is also a must try. You can also eat in a decent restaurant that serves authentic Filipino dishes. And do not forget to visit the Manila Cathedral and San Agustin church.


National Museum of Natural History


Rizal Park


Fort Santiago




2 thoughts on “Historic Side of Manila

  1. Never been to Museum (the real one) in the PH yet, unfortunately, though been in Dessert Museum haha! please check it out. I love Intramuros as it was the place where I studied in Uni and it’s memorable. I miss going there.

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